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Noa Voilier
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Character's Name: Noa Boalia
Character's Sex: One with XY chromosomes
Character's Age: 15
Series/Fandom: KIBA

A brief background of the character:
Noa was a sickly boy living in the congested country Calm, forced since youth to wear a metallic neck and spinal brace to minimize the stress daily living put on his weak body. A doctor noted that a single day for him equaled a year's worth of wear, but he refused to waste away in a hospital and wanted to live his life as he pleased, even if it would shorten his life. He befriended the reckless, stubborn Zed when they were children, and since then he very much acted as a counter to Zed's brash personality. He was kind-hearted, loyal, and, being student government president, somewhat a stickler to the rules.

One day Noa found himself in the village Lato within highly totalitarian Neotopia under the care of a kindly couple who nursed him to health with Shard power. When word got out they illegally took in a foreigner their Neotopian soldier son returned to execute his father for breaking the Ultimate Rule. Forced to watch the execution, Noa was horrified at the soldier son's actions and abhorred the country's governmental system. As he helplessly watched Lato villagers revolt against Neotopian soldiers, his latent Shardcasting powers lashed out violently and torched much of the village. In his anguish Noa again warped somewhere in the forest and was found by a traveling band, with whom he stayed until deciding, with knowledge of his destructive power and the Seekers' safety in mind, to leave. However, the band was transporting an ark containing a Spirit named Sachura, which violently wiped out all the travelers except Sagiri, the young girl Noa befriended, and appealed to his power.

This time Noa teleported to the Neotopian capital, under Lord Hairam’s and his second-in-command Diana’s jurisdiction. They claimed he was their country's "Savior" and managed to mind rape convince him to use his Shardcasting abilities to preserve Ultimate Rule. He became Neotopia's most entrusted soldier, enforcing the law with an iron fist. The enemy countries Zymot and Tusk used Neotopia's international Shardcasters' Joust to overtake the once militaristically powerful country, and Noa experienced a nervous breakdown triggered by the pressure put on him as Savior to save Neotopia and then losing it to Tusk's hands. After the battle he was thought to be dead but was later discovered working with the Tuskan council under the alias Dolga to gather all the Key Spirits like Sachura to obtain ultimate power.

Noa went from a friendly, gentle wuss pushover to a ruthless, power-hungry loon, then after losing everything that mattered to him becoming a devastated, confused soul. Repeatedly losing all he holds dear, he constantly needs something and/or someone important to hang on to, otherwise he feels he has no purpose in life. Inasmuch, he can be emo desperate and needy, until he finds his convictions and somewhat returns to his kind-hearted personality. He also desires to become powerful as he once was very meek and frail and lived under Zed's shadow for so long, which often fuels his desperation for a cause, for better or worse.

How your character got to Port Mango:
After "dying" in the battle against Zymot and Tusk, Noa wakes up in Port Mango with a Mango-Bot in his face. As if the poor boy had enough world warping to deal with already, geez. I won't be playing him as Dolga, though, since he reached Port Mango before Tusk.

Noa is played by mistressofrobin for the RPG port_mango because the KIBA anime rocks and Noa's hot a fascinating character. Ha.